Tuesday, December 17, 2019



Following on from last week's CAS Awards nominations, both Molinare and Hackenbacker audio teams are seeing out 2019 in style, as both were nominated in the 67th annual MPSE 'Golden Reel' awards.

The nominations, which were announced last night, included Nigel Heath as Supervising Sound Editor for Peaky Blinders, in the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Long Form – Dialogue/ADR’ category, and a Moli/Hacks team of Greg Gettens (Supervising Sound Editor), Chad Orororo (SFX Editor), Ciaran Smith & Philip Moroz (Foley Editors) and Paula Boram (Foley Artist) appeared in the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Documentary’ for This is Football.

You can find a full list of nominees right here. Congratulations team and good luck!