Tuesday, October 27, 2020



Nigel Bennett and Phil Stilgoe are thrilled to announce an exciting new joint venture, built on the strength of a decade long partnership established at Pinewood Studios.

The enterprise unites Molinare, the UK’s leading post production supplier for drama, film and documentaries, with Centroid, a long established trailblazer in the field of performance motion capture.

Together we are proud to present Centroid @ Molinare!

Centroid specialise in performance capture, character animation and VFX services for Game Development, Film and Television production. They have been a part of some of the most internationally acclaimed productions, including; Wonder Woman 1984, Game Of Thrones, The Dark Anthology series, Mary Poppins Returns, and Dunkirk.

We continue to push boundaries in the field of virtual production and live pre-visualisation. Centroid offer optical motion capture, head mounted camera and virtual camera solutions to suit the ever-advancing industry requirements.

With studios located in London, Belgrade and most recently Mumbai, Centroid are now evangelising, nurturing and progressing the benchmark for high end performance capture across the North American, European, and Asian markets.  

The partnership between Molinare and Centroid begins with the unveiling of a bespoke full performance capture studio in the heart of Central London.

Internationally renowned postproduction house Molinare have grown and have built other service avenues this year delving into Interactive Audio by introducing games as part offering and creating a Casting division , specialising in casting roles for scanning VO and performance capture headed by Molinare’s Head of Audio Facilities James Doyle,  and Director of Casting Sarah Lynch.

The already established working relationship between Molinare’s Nigel Bennett and CEO of Centroid Phil Stilgoe, who have successfully collaborated on past productions together at  Pinewood Studios; makes this an unmissable opportunity to work together to create principle and cinematic character pipelines, with a seamless workflow from casting, to full performance capture with voice recording. 

Nigel Bennett comments:

I am very happy to reignite a working relationship with Phil and his brilliant team at Centroid. They are the UK’s leading motion and performance capture provider and a major player on the international stage. Combining their expertise and our own in-house capabilities, led by our Creative Director, Glen Gathard, will be a potent blend and add creative depth to Molinare’s media services offer.

Darren Woolfson Director of Technology and Visual Services for Molinare comments:

I am really excited about the opportunity to be working with Centroid again. They are experts in their field and leaders in the use of performance motion capture technology. Molinare and Centroid will now be able to work together in developing technology to support the entire p-capture to postproduction lifecycle.

Phil Stilgoe comments:

I’m personally and professionally overjoyed to once again have Centroid working alongside Nigel, Glen and Sarah. Over the last decade we have partnered on many great projects which have laid the foundations on which we will continue to build. We offer world class story telling services not only at our fantastic, huge studio in Uxbridge but also right in the beating heart of Soho at Molinare’s vibrant creative hub.