Monday, October 1, 2018

Charity Champions


The Moli-Rollers wheelchair basketball team swept all before them and returned to Soho triumphant as “The 2018 Path to Success Wheelchair Basketball Challenge Champions #PathtoTokyo2020”! OK so here at Molinare we are more used to acronymous awards in the shape of BAFTA’s, RTS’s, HPA’s and such like, but 25th September 2018 will now go down in history as the first time we won the TPTSWBCC.

The team was drawn from across the company, with representatives from Sales, Running, Feature Doc Audio, MCR and Edit Support, making the squad. Led by Head Runner “Captain” Carlo Rosetti, with inspiration and training support from London Titans first team player Tyler Saunders, the team soon showed a natural aptitude for the technical challenges of wheelchair basketball.

The first match of the day saw the team ease into winning with a reasonably comfortable 8 – 4 victory. Both sides were feeling their way, but the innate attacking ability and ice cold finishing of Chad Orororo and Tom Verstappen were evident early. Game two was far more emphatic, another 8 points scored, this time without reply. Alice Jowitt showed steel in defence and the cultured vision of Alex Dowson, seeing passes ahead of time, meant that on more than one occasion the effortless passing and fluid moves produced liquid basketball.

With the two highest scoring teams making the final, we found ourselves up against the mighty force that was Team Heathrow Terminal 4. Starting the game with the same 5 from both previous matches Molinare quickly scored first but were hit hard on the break to concede shortly afterwards. What ensued was a nail biting game of cat and mouse. Attack and counter attack. The aggression of Team Heathrow was matched and more by the rage of Hannah King and “Mad Dog” Matthew Christodoulides for Molinare. Never yielding an inch. It all came down to a foul in the key and two free throws for Chad Orororo. With 3 minutes on the clock, he took the first shot and saw it rebound off the rim. Keeping a cool head, Chad finished the second shot in style. Swoosh. Only net. Molinare had a slim lead, but that was all they needed. Rigid, last line defending saw the team close the game out, to win by the narrowest of margins.

“Campeones, Campeones, Campeones” echoed around the Copperbox at a volume not heard since London 2012. Those who were present will never forget.

And the team raised a load of cash for a worthy cause too. If you still haven’t donated, make sure you do so here on our JustGiving Page, and help us hit our target of £700 for #PathtoTokyo2020 in support of the athletes of Team GB at the Paralymipcs in Tokyo.