Thursday, March 26, 2020



As it always has, the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers comes first, and as the government’s advice develops, we will continue to respond and respect it accordingly.

Where possible, we are opting to work remotely, and are now not allowing any non-essential staff members to enter our facilities. Rest assured, whether in the office or working from home, our entire workforce remains committed to delivering our client's projects.

Molinare has adapted to the new normal thanks to the infrastructure that we already have in place. We are protecting our staff and our customers by utilising our remote review sessions and virtual meeting tools, which allows us to continue to deliver grade, audio and online work to our typically high standards.

Alongside our technology, the commitment shown from staff, as well as the understanding and recognition from our customers has made this remarkable period all the more manageable. Stay safe and let’s bring this situation to a close as quickly as we can.

Should you have any questions about our business during this period, please reach out to your Molinare sales rep, or alternatively e-mail

Nigel Bennett,
Managing Director