Friday, September 6, 2019



Two of our most anticipated feature documentaries enjoyed their world premieres last month. 

Citizen K, directed by the prolific documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The film profiles Mikhail Khodorkovsky's incredible ride from Russia's wealthiest oligarch to an anti-Putin 'prisoner of conscience' to the exiled leading critic of the Kremlin. This is a story of how power works in Russia.

Citizen K was graded by Vanessa Taylor, mixed by George Foulgham and Tom Verstappen, and tracklayed by Claire Ellis. Des Murray was the online editor for the project, whilst the Molinare VFX team worked on over 100 green screen shots for the project.

Also this month, Tell Me Who I Am featured in the line-up for the 46th Telluride Film festival, appearing amongst the main show. Directed by Ed Perkins (Black Sheep) and produced by LightboxTell Me Who I Am centres on Alex, who awakens from a coma with amnesia, with his only link to the past being his identical twin brother. Some years later, his twin brother feeds him some questionable information about their childhood, which leads Alex on a dogged quest to understand who he is, which takes him through betrayal, tragedy and adversity. 

Telluride co-director Julie Huntsinger commented "The less you know about this, the better... [it's] a shattering portrayal; of family, truth, and what really matters in life."

Tell Me Who I am was graded by Andrew Daniel, mixed by George Foulgham and Tom Verstappen, tracklayed by Claire Ellis, Jeremy Price and Chad Orororo. Des Murray was the online editor for the project, and Justin Tillett, Karol Mazur and Connor Guyler from the VFX team completed over 20 shots; including a recreation of a motorbike crash and some archive/photograph compositions.