Monday, June 3, 2019



We're delighted to announce that Molinare will be present at this year's Media Production Show panels, across grading, audio and mentoring in the industry.

Operations Director Lesley Marr will be chairing the 'RISE: Power of Mentoring' panel on Tuesday 11th June at 3pm, at the Broadcast TECH Theatre. This will discuss how the RISE mentoring programme has had an impact on women's careers across the sector, as well as what this year's mentees hope to achieve.

Head of Broadcast Factual Sound Greg Gettens will be speaking at the Audio Theatre on the 'Documentaries: Storytelling with Sound' panel on Tuesday 11th June at 4:30pm, which will be discussing audio in this 'Golden Age of Documentaries'.

Senior Re-Recording Mixer Dan Johnson will be speaking at the Audio Theatre as part of the 'Drama Sound: from Set to Screen' panel on the Wednesday 12th June at 10:30am. This talk will take a look at the end-to-end audio production for TV Drama production.

Senior Colourist Jateen Patel will be lending his expert insight on the 'Colourists Masterclass' panel, which takes place on Wednesday 12th June at 3:30pm, at the Technology & Post Creative Hub. The panel will look at how technology and art combine to set a "look" for productions. What are the new trends and influences and what's next in crafting stunning images for feature films, high-end drama, factual TV or commercials?

For further information on the Media Production Show schedule and speakers, click here.