Thursday, February 14, 2019



Molinare will again be supporting Film London's 'Return to Work' scheme. 

The scheme, which is funded by ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund, and commissioned by ScreenSkills, includes re-training sessions to support parents or carers who have had a career break and who are looking to return to work in the Post and VFX sector. 

The scheme was open to anyone who had experience in the following roles: Production Coordinator, Production Managers, Post Supervisors, Post Coordinators, VFX Supervisors, Compositors, Concept Artists, VFX Producers, Roto Artists, Matte Artists, Digital Prep (Paint/Prep Artists), Finance and Sales.

This year, Molinare have taken two candidates on under the scheme. One candidate who has just completed their placement at Molinare said: "The Return To Work scheme from Film London has been hugely beneficial to me helping to bring me up to speed on the current state of the industry, as well as instilling confidence and belief in what I have to offer.  After having a career break to bring up two children, I was nervous to step foot in Molinare, but my worries didn’t last long as the team here are so friendly and welcoming that I was able start working on projects straight away. I soon found the days whizzing by!  I have been really impressed by the quality of the work being made and the teamwork amongst staff, coupled with the phenomenal creative talent in house.  It’s a really exciting time to be working in post, and amazing to see that in the 5 years I was off there has been a huge swing towards high-end television drama of exceptional quality now rivalling cinema in terms of craft. I am really grateful to Film London, Molinare and Screen Skills for the opportunity."