Friday, October 2, 2020

Secretary of State Visits Molinare


To congratulate Molinare for being one of the first companies to support the new Government Kickstart Scheme, we had the pleasure of having Therese Coffey on site in Soho on Tuesday 30th September. 

Managing Director Nigel Bennett and Creative Director Glen Gathard sat down with Coffey and spoke in depth about the exciting prospects, initiatives, and implementation ideas they are putting in place, ready for the scheme commencing early November.

Molinare's senior management team see this an unmissable opportunity to educate, promote, and offer opportunities to those who may of already being trying to crack into the industry. Molinare is at the forefront of training and internal promotional progression, and are confident the crew here at Molinare will use this to advance, inspire and insert passion to those involved in the scheme.

Carl Thompson - Colourist, Shenaya Daley -Runner, Rebecca Heathcote - Foley Artist and Jed Milton - Sound Editor, had the chance to speak with Coffey also about their progression into roles at Molinare and the opportunities that are available for young people within the industry.

This scheme will be providing funding to Molinare and other employers part of the scheme - to help create 6-month long placements for people between the ages of 16-24. This will in turn create and support thousands of jobs and give fantastic opportunities to people who might currently be on Universal Credit, and/or who are at risk of long-term unemployment.

The scheme will aim to begin in November 2020!

To watch Sky News’ coverage of the scheme when they visited us at Molinare, click here -