Tuesday, August 6, 2019



We're delighted to be a part of UP.GRADE Berlin this year - the renowned long-term training programme which furthers cinematographer's creative vision and explains the art and science behind colour grading. 

Our senior colourist Vanessa Taylor will be lecturing at this year's event, which runs from Monday August 26th to Friday 30th August, at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB).

Topics will include:

  • the historical relationship between the artist and their images
  • the cinematographer's relationship to the colourist and the DI process
  • broadening the colourist's professional practice and grading techniques
  • creativity and innovation in cinematography and post through cinema history
  • exploring aesthetic attributes of imaging from set to post

Vanessa will be joined by Edmond Laccon, the colourist and Head of UP.GRADE, Dr. Pasquale Iannone, the Film Academic, Writer and Broadcaster, and film historian Dr. Philipp Weiss.

For more information on Up.GRADE: Creative and the other short courses on offer, check out their website here.