Asa Shoul

Senior Colourist

Molinare Soho020 7478

One of the industry’s most respected colourists, Asa brings a wealth of experience and an expansive portfolio to Molinare, having graded over 50 feature films and numerous dramas including Shackleton for which he received an Emmy Honors.

He won the International Monitor Award for his grading on Hallmark's mini-series Merlin in 1998, and subsequently two more awards for Hallmark's Alice in Wonderland and Arabian Nights.

Most recently Asa has worked on Oscar-nominated features Brooklyn and Ex Machina whilst also grading high-end television drama including the hugely anticipated Netflix series The Crown.


BAFTA Craft Award for Special, Visual & Graphic Effects on The Crown

International Monitor Award
Merlin (WON)
Alice in Wonderland (WON)
Arabian Nights (WON)

Emmy Awards Honors for Shackleton (WON)

HPA Award for Best Grading - Feature Film for Brooklyn (Nominated)

HPA Award for Outstanding Color Grading - Television for The Crown (WON)