Jateen Patel

Senior Colourist

Molinare Soho020 7478 7000enquiries@molinare.co.uk


Jateen joined Molinare in 2011 after working at Todd-AO and then M2, where he worked in film lab dailies and drama / feature DI finishing respectively. Throughout his career he’s been known for his high technical and workflow know how which has helped in delivering a very high standard of creative grading for projects in the ever-evolving feature and TV world.

From 4K, SDR to HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby 3D and stereoscopic projects, just some of his notable feature credits at Molinare including Mission: Impossible – Fallout for Paramount, Rocks for Fable Pictures and iBoy for Netflix. TV credits include Strike Back for Left Bank Pictures, The Last Kingdom for Carnival Film & Television and Breeders for Avalon Television.

“I've been grading David Brent: Life on the Road with Jateen. It has been the best grading experience ever.”
Remi Adefarasin

“Jateen Patel, the hero of the hour, what a great talent you have in your midst.”
Paul Angunawela, The Man Who Knew Infinity

“Jat possesses a talented, keen eye. Jat’s aesthetic vision and skills in composition, tone, colour, and lighting emphasise what the focus of a shot should be, and bring a sensitivity to making a scene truly come alive.”
Joan Sobel, The Mercy