Casting at Molinare is a one of our latest services we offer. 

Casting talent for performance, scanning and VO within Video Games. Working on recent titles such as Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's "The Divison 2" IO Interactives' "Hitman 2" including recently announced "Hitman 3" and Supermassive Games "Man of Medan". 


Casting for voice and performance for video games

Casting characters from NPCS to lead roles for scanning, VO and Performance Capture

Casting UK based talent for all UK accents and regions

Casting genuine US talent , based in the UK

Casting European and Rest of World language speakers , based in the UK

Working with agencies who represent AAA talent and voices in the UK and the US

Casting of Talent for Union and Non Union in the US

Molinare acts as a Signatory of SAG AFTRA - Handling all casting , legal/contractual and payroll agreements affiliated with SAG-AFTRA

Adapting workflow for each project , for each client from casting brief to record , editorial and delivery

Handling of all talent management

In-house VO and Performance Directors



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